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Image #1
The U. S. Marine Cemetery on Iwo as it appeared in 1945
following the battle for the island.
Eventually some 6,821 Marine dead would be memoralized at this site.
The above image is from the veteran's story of Keith W. Johnson.

Image #2
Image of the simple marker that was placed at the site
of the Marine Cemetery on Iwo Jima
just a short distance from the invasion beaches.
The remains of the fallen Marines were
eventually exhumed and returned to the States.
This image was taken by this web master
during his military tour on Iwo Jima in 1965-1966.

Image #3
Close up view of the simple dedication placard
which was fashioned from spent shell casings
and cast by a group of soldiers including Mr. Waldon T. Rich.
The dedication simply states:

"That These Men Shall Not Have Died in Vain"